Sushi Pairs

Sushi Pairs 1.4

Sushi Pairs is an original flash game in which you must pair up sushis

Sushi Pairs is an original flash game in which you must pair up sushis so that no single pair is repeated. For this reason, you must select your pairs carefully in a way that not a single pair appears twice. There are four types of sushis to make the necessary combinations. Anyway, every time a pair is repeated, that pair will be highlighted, so you know you have to make changes. There's a timer, so the faster you mark the pairs in the correct way, the more score you will get. If you take a lot of time, your score will be zero, so you better hurry up.

The game features simple but nice graphics, average sounds, and nice music. Luckily, if you find sounds or music annoying, you can easily mute them from the Options menu. If you want, you can also play in full screen or from your web browser. Sadly, the game only includes one level, which makes it very short. Once the game is over, you can share your result in multiple social sites.

In short, Sushi Pairs is just a game to play once, but if you want to score points, you will have to play it several times until you improve your speed.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • You can share your results in multiple social sites
  • Original


  • Only one level
  • Very difficult to score points
  • Simple graphics
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